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Do you feel overwhelmed, scattered and confused by all the different hats you have on and the noise of the world?


Let me teach and help you take ALIGNED STEPS in the direction of your ideal life, so you can enjoy your already beautiful life, while you continue to fulfill more dreams for you and your family. 

You're a conscious, intelligent, highly sensitive woman, trying to balance family life, entrepreneurship and your personal development.

You seem to be doing well on the outside. But inside you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and scattered. You've noticed that over the course of time, it has become increasingly difficult for you to maintain the clarity and balance. And intuitive as you are, you're starting to feel this ship heading to the direction of burn-out if you don't do anything about this now.


You're worried about the long-term effect of this state you're in for yourself, your relationship, your children en your business. As a conscious person you know the importance of taking clear, intentional steps for your long-term happiness and success. And that clarity and focus is missing right now

I get you and I've got you!

My coaching practice specializes in giving highly sensitive entrepreneurs intensive support and guidance in these situations. We'll start by making an assessment of your current situation and we'll make a plan on how to create more clarity, focus and ease in your family life and business while simultaneously taking care of your inner world for consistent growth and self-mastery. We'll take care of all 3 major areas of your life: YOU, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Over the course of six months you can count on my ongoing support in your life. We'll meet weekly for a 1 on 1 session, and in between the sessions you can message me with short questions, or ask for some encouragement, tips, and resources or share your reflections and wins. This way, you can have ongoing support and you'll be able to move on quicker whenever you're feeling stuck. 

If this sounds like the support you're looking for, I invite you to continue reading and to book a discovery call with me.

"Whenever I'm having a difficult time and I can choose between a session with Anna, meditation or working out, I choose a session with Anna. Because a session with Anna always gives me the most benefit."

~ Seema B.
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I help you take care of you

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What is it?

This service "Aligned Living" is a 6 month VIP Experience. Over the course of 6 months I will be your emotional support, listening ear, cheerleader, HSP mentor, self-mastery coach and business support. You will feel held, seen and supported. 

  •  We'll meet weekly online or at my office in Amsterdam

  •  You can ask me questions and get support in between sessions

  •  You also get 5 credits for online emergency sessions. We can have a session within 24 hours. 

This way you can process all the stimuli and triggers of your week quicker and you can continue building with clarity. 

This VIP support is very valuable for entrepreneurs who want to create order in their life and feel the need for ongoing and personal guidance to save time and energy. 

You'll have my full attention during 6 months. I will keep track of your goals and growth and inner journey. You can talk with me and brainstorm about all the aspects of your life, like entrepreneurship, your inner work and your relationships.

What will you get?

1 on 1 sessions

Once a week a session of 1,5 hour.

In total 39 hours of personal contact during 6 months.

Location: at my beautiful office in Amsterdam or through phone or videocall. Language: English or Dutch.

Cultivating healthy habits

You have the option to fill in a daily template to cultivate the practice of intention, alignment and gratitude. 

Every month a new theme for your personal development

Every month you'll receive a mini booklet or video course about the theme of that month. 

In between support

You can always message me in between our sessions. I will come online at least 3 times a week to answer your question, provide encouragement, support or resources.

Emergency sessions

5 hours credit for emergency sessions, which you can use over the course of 6 months. When you feel the need for urgent support, you can message me and we'll have a session within 24 hours. This way, you can move on quicker, whenever you feel stuck.


We'll determine the homework together after every session. This can be all kinds of homework: from reflection assignments, or something to read, watch, listen to or practice.


"Anna is very professional and has an energetic, calming vibe and she really takes her time for you.

I always feel heard during the sessions. I also feel very supported by her. Nothing is crazy or awkward to talk about with her. She knows exactly what you need during a session, whether it's an exercise, a book, a song or a quote.

I always look forward to my sessions with Anna. It's a gift I give myself, every single time. 

I'm living my abundant life quicker than I thought because I have learned to embrace myself and my high sensitivity."

~ Seema B.

After our 6 months collaboration ..

  • you'll have your clarity and focus back

  • you've learned a lot of tools for taking care of your highly sensitive body

  • you have more understanding, compassion and love for yourself

  • you're clear about your priorities in your business

  • you're clear on which tasks are essential and which are not

  • you see your high sensitivity in a more positive light

  • you're clear on what the essential building blocks are for you and your family to create a loving and harmonious connection with each other

  • you have more self-knowledge

  • you feel lighter and more free

  • you've practiced how to live with more ease

  • you know how to be a magnet for the gifts of the universe

  • you know how to co-create with the universe

  • you know what to do when you get overwhelmed

  • and the possibilities are endless...

To summarize:

  • 6 months VIP support and guidance from me as your self-mastery coach, hsp mentor, cheerleader, accountability, guide, facilitator, listening ear, safe haven for your self-discovery journey.

  • 26 weekly sessions of 1,5 hour in my office in Amsterdam or online

  • 5 hours credit for online emergency sessions (we'll have a session within 24 hours)

  • Total of 44 hours of 1:1 sessions with me

  • Ongoing support in between sessions through whatsapp or e-mail for short encouragement, resources, sharing your wins, processing your challenge of the moment.  

  • The option to fill in a daily template to practice intention setting, alignment, gratitude and self-reflection. I encourage you to send your answers to me so I can follow along with your progress and insights.

  • Every month a mini-booklet or short online course to learn a new skill or to gain new knowledge.

  • Homework when you want

  • Our collaboration is customized to your unique needs and situation. And you'll never be forced to do anything that doesn't feel right to you at that moment.

Investment: €6995,- ex VAT
Now for a limited time: €5795,- ex VAT 
Payment plan possible: choose between 3 or 6 monthly payments.

Will this be the year that you'll gift yourself VIP support to save precious time and energy in gaining clarity and order?


"Anna really gives first class service.

In 20 years of self-discovery and self-development with professionals, I have never come across anything alike or even close.

Plus the summaries she has written for me in such a loving and kind way is unique and golden."


~ Fatiha B. 

Imagine this...

A half year after our collaboration, we catch up and this is what you tell me:

"Oh Anna, I'm so grateful for our collaboration. I'm living such an abundant life now. I didn't know this was possible. I'm so glad I took the leap and followed my impuls to invest in your support and guidance. You've saved me so much time and energy. I continued applying everything I've learned from you. And it's paying off more and more. I now know how to prevent overwhelm and exhaustion. And I know how to get back in alignment whenever I'm challenged. The way you helped me create order and clarity in my life reminds me of how Marie Kondo helps to organize houses. You help to organize inner lives. 

Our collaboration has also taught me how to live in flow, how to recognize it and how to let go when the flow is missing. 

I feel lighter and more free, because I've gained so much clarity about myself. I now see the challenges of life as something positive and I know how to distill the lesson from it and use it for my benefit and growth. I'm also taking better care of myself and I'm finally able to draw boundaries in a loving way.


I am so happy with this growth and I'm proud of myself too. This was a gift to myself that keeps on giving."

How would it be to be able so say something similar (or even better) to me after our 6 months collaboration? If you feel this longing in your heart, book your free discovery call now.

Remember, this is your one, wild and precious life, you get to decide what you do with it and where you steer it towards.

You + Me = Tag team?

Are you...

  • Coachable?

  • Committed?

  • Driven?

  • Curious?

  • Highly sensitive?

  • Seeker?

  • Willing to look at your contribution and responsibility in any situation

  • Looking for a personal and involved approach?

  • Wanting continuous access to support in between sessions.

I am....

  • experienced in my own inner journey ( 23 years and ongoing)

  • a highly sensitive and conscious mother and bonus mom, wife and entrepreneur

  • called to provide VIP support to clients

  • a certified HSP coach

  • a certified Law of Attraction coach

  • a certified life coach

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