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'Oh, you're so sensitive!!'

How often have you heard this phrase in your life?

If your answer is often, then chances are that at one point you've either tried to hide your sensitivity, tried hard to overcome it or started seeing it as a burden, a flaw or a weakness.

Many cultures have negative associations with the word sensitive. And if you grew up in such an environment, then you haven't been taught to see the gifts that the trait holds. And you've probably felt misunderstood a lot of times. All this might have resulted in your inability to fully thrive with this trait.

This saddens me, because HSPs have such beautiful gifts to share with the world, but many people are either not aware of it or downplay themselves. I believe this has to change. The world needs more HSPs who have mastered their gifts and talents in order to share it with the world and contribute to a better and more loving world.

And yes, the trait also has its challenges. But with the right information, tools and practice, these challenges don't have to be a burden. It's definitely possible to fully thrive with your sensitivity.

If you find yourself curious to explore your high sensitivity and to learn how to fully thrive with this trait, then please continue reading. OR book your free introduction call with me now through the button below.


Hi! I'm Anna.

I'm a certified coach and mentor for HSPs (HSP is short for highly sensitive person) and I'm deeply passionate about helping you feel  confident & thriving  as a highly sensitive person in this world.

Embracing your sensitivity starts with the acceptance that your sensitivity is a fundamental part of you and that it's a strength that you can use to your advantage and to the advantage of the world.


Your sensitivity has a purpose, but you can only use it as your superpower when you have a clear understanding of what it takes to thrive with your sensitivity. 

Once you've accepted your sensitivity, you can start the beautiful and exciting journey of self-discovery. To get to know yourself truly and deeply is such a rewarding and liberating result of your inner work.

This inner work will lead to new ways of relating to yourself. You'll discover and cultivate how to take better care of yourself to minimise the challenges this trait causes. You will also learn about your unique set of gifts and how to use them to contribute to a better world.

Allow me to support you on your inner journey as your mentor, coach and cheerleader. Take advantage of my 23 years of experience and knowledge on high sensitivity and inner work and save yourself time, frustration and energy. 

Experience for yourself how your world changes as a result of your inner work combined with my personalised support. 

Book a free 30-minute introduction call and start working on your best life asap!

Give yourself the gift of personalised support. You deserve it!

"Your vision will become
clear only when you look into
your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, awakens"

~ Carl Jung

Why specialised HSP mentoring and coaching?

An HSP who grew up without guidance in his/her high sensitivity often views himself/herself through the lens of the 80% non-highly sensitive people. The majority of HSPs grew up not knowing about their sensitive trait, which at some point resulted in feeling misunderstood, in self-doubt and in self-criticism. They measure themselves by a standard that does not match their highly sensitive trait. And this actually causes lots of pain in a sensitive body. And it's such a waste, because it often leads to the undiscovered or unused potential of an HSP. 

That's why it's important to put time and energy in exploring the four areas below:

1. Getting to know yourself and your highly sensitive trait. 

2. Reviewing your old experiences, now in the light of your high sensitivity and reframing limiting or destructive point of views.

3. Healing your emotional wounds.

4. Learning to consciously deal with stimuli in daily life.

These four important areas are woven into our work together and will be discussed organically depending on what you bring up during our sessions. 








Learning to consciously deal with stimuli

'What people are saying'

"Since working with Anna my self-development sky rocketed. I am growing faster than I would by myself. So I consider my sessions with her are a gift I give to myself."

Seema B.

"Anna understood me and helped me find my path. She showed me who I am and allowed me to BE me."

Saskia M.

"She is warm, wise and has a knack for shining a light right where you

need it."

Jessica S.

"Anna really gives first class service. She tunes in to her clients needs and holds their space."

Fatiha B.

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