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A safe space to be deeply heard by yourself and a compassionate guide.
Experience the magic for yourself.


A deep listening session is a one time 60-minutes session. I can conduct the session in English or Dutch, online or in person. 


The main purpose of the deep listening session is for you to be fully heard and for you to release everything you have been carrying in your heart.

I offer you a space where you feel:


SAFE - understood, not judged, fully heard and energetically held


SPACE - to find words for what you feel, to connect with your inner self, to observe yourself with curiosity, to explore your shadows so you can understand and transform them

PERMISSION - to focus completely on you, to show up for yourself, to be as you are.

Of course we will always honor the magic of the present moment, so if during the session, a question comes up, a need for coaching or mentorship comes up, you can always follow that impuls and we'll adjust our course.

I will teach you how to listen to your intuition or if you already know how, we will practice listening to your intuition so it becomes easier for you to discern your intuition from your ego.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who is it for?

For anyone who feels the need to be deeply heard and understood. Who feel the need to release the (heavy) feelings they've been carrying in their heart. And organize their thoughts so it will stop getting a hold on them.

2. How is this session conducted?

This depends on your needs. 

We can hold the session online, with video or only audio. 

Or we can meet personally in my beautiful and calming office space in Amsterdam. 

3. What language do you speak?

I speak English and Dutch. 

4. Do you offer a free introduction session?

Yes, for new clients, I offer a free online introduction session of maximum 30-minutes, to get to know each other a little bit and answer your questions.


5. Will you only listen?

Compassionate listening is the main goal in this service. But the magic of the living in the present moment is that we cannot predict how long you need to come to the point of clarity and readiness to move to the next step. You might feel completely relieved after only 30-minutes of deep listening, or you might need the whole 60-minutes. We can only know this in the present moment. So I will always go along with your flow and use my other skills in coaching and mentoring when needed and we have time left. This is a session in co-creation with you.

6. What's the investment?

A 60-minute session is € 80 euro. 

7. I have a lot on my heart. Is it possible to book a longer session?

Yes of course. We can customise a session according to your needs. Every additional 15-minutes costs € 20,- Let me know upon booking if you want additional time. 

Treat yourself with:

•   the gift of healing

•   the gift of releasing 

•   the gift of sacred time with yourself

• the gift of the energetic shift that you'll experience from being lovingly heard, validated and witnessed

"Remember, you are worthy, because YOU matter." 

Book your introduction session here:

What people are saying

 "Anna is the one I call to discuss and get clarity on matters of the heart, because I know and feel she truly understands . 

Her compassionate and palpable presence alone ignites your connection with your inner wisdom from which beautiful insights arise.

She is a gem I treasure and appreciate."

Oussama Z.

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