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Take a deep dive into your inner world with a skilled and compassionate guide to help you navigate this big unknown space, so you never have to feel lost along the way.

Image by Ashley Batz

The inner journey mentoring is for someone who wants to take a deep dive in themselves for a longer period. And who wants to talk and work with someone who has intensively travelled their own inner journey. The commitment is 12 weekly sessions for a period of 3 months. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who is it for?

For anyone who is committed and curious to explore their inner world. I am a certified HSP coach and mentor. So, HSP's can count on understanding ​from me with their HSP trait.

2. How is this session conducted?

This depends on your needs. 

We can hold the session online, with video or only audio. 

Or we can meet personally in my beautiful and calming office space in Amsterdam. 

3. What language do you speak?

I speak English and Dutch. 

4. Do you offer a free introduction session?

Yes, for new clients, I offer a free online introduction session of maximum 30-minutes, to get to know each other a little bit and answer your questions.

5. What's the investment?

The package of twelve 60-minute sessions is € 880,- instead of € 960 euro. Your commitment is rewarded with a € 80,- discount, the equivalent of one free session. 

With option to spread in four monthly payments of € 220,- 

Treat yourself with:

•   the gift of healing

•   the gift of releasing 

•   the gift of sacred time with yourself

• the gift of the energetic shift that you'll experience from being lovingly heard, validated and witnessed

"Remember, you are worthy, because YOU matter." 

Book your free introduction session here:

What people are saying

 "Anna is a veteran in the personal development field. For the past 20+ years she has been reading, learning AND successfully applying in her own life what she has been learning. And she continues to do so, because of her innate drive to continue expanding. That's what makes her so inspiring, because she herself is 100% committed to her life and the self development practice. She is a walking treasure chest of wisdom.


Her own journey inward has strengthened her compassion, understanding, love

and non-judgment for her fellow humans, which makes her a safe space to explore your vulnerable subjects. She will meet you where you are and gently support you in

reaching your goals.


If you're looking for a safe space and gentle and wise support, Anna is your coach and mentor. "

Wei Wei S.

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