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Your inner journey doesn't have to be a lonely one. Treat yourself with support from a compassionate guide that feels like a warm embrace during
a difficult life challenge.

This life coaching package consists of four 60-minute sessions, conducted weekly.

My goal is that you will come out of these sessions with emotional, mental and spiritual relief and clarity. At the end of the four weeks, I will give you a short summary of what we've covered with some action tips on how to move forward.

Included in this package is a pdf on how to get the most out of these coaching sessions, because what you get out of these sessions is greatly influenced by how committed you are to doing the work outside of the sessions.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who is it for?

For anyone who is committed and curious to explore their inner world. I am a certified HSP coach and mentor. So, HSP's can count on understanding ​from me with their HSP trait.

2. How is this session conducted?

This depends on your needs. 

We can hold the session online, with video or only audio. 

Or we can meet personally in my beautiful, calming office space in Amsterdam. 

3. What language do you speak?

I speak English and Dutch. 

4. Do you offer a free introduction session?

Yes, for new clients, I offer a free online introduction session of maximum 30-minutes, to get to know each other a little bit and answer your questions.

5. What's the investment?

The package of four 60-minute sessions is € 300,- instead of € 320,-. Your 1-month commitment to yourself is rewarded with a € 20 euro discount. 

Treat yourself with:

•   the gift of healing

•   the gift of releasing 

•   the gift of sacred time with yourself

• the gift of the energetic shift that you'll experience from being lovingly heard, validated and witnessed

"Remember, you are worthy, because YOU matter." 

Book your free introduction session here:

What people are saying

"A single conversation with her always results in opening up new perspectives about whatever obstacle is at hand, helping you find peace within yourself and with the ones you love.

She is warm, wise and has a knack for shining a light right where you need it."

Jessica S.

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