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Anna is the one I call to discuss and get clarity on matters of the heart, because I know and feel she truly understands . 

Her compassionate and palpable presence alone ignites your connection with your inner wisdom from which beautiful insights arise.

She is a gem I treasure and appreciate.


Anna is a kind, smart, wonderful person. She is patient and gives good feedback. She assesses the situation and figures out how best to help you work it out or deal with it on a higher level. 

The coaching sessions with her allowed me to see the bigger picture.  It helped me to think big and put my life in perspective.

Anna guided me through the issues that held me from moving forward.


Anna and I connected about the importance and challenges of cultivating self love as the greatest source of healing.

A single conversation with her always results in opening up new perspectives about whatever obstacle is at hand, helping you find peace within yourself and with the ones you love.

She is warm, wise and has a knack for shining a light right where you need it.


Anna's energy  of love, freedom, understanding and wisdom is contagious, inspiring and healing.


 "Anna is a veteran in the personal development field. For the past 20+ years she has been reading, learning AND successfully applying in her own life what she has been learning. And she continues to do so, because of her innate drive to continue expanding. That's what makes her so inspiring, because she herself is 100% committed to her life and the self development practice. She is a walking treasure chest of wisdom.


Her own journey inward has strengthened her compassion, understanding, love

and non-judgment for her fellow humans, which makes her a safe space to explore your vulnerable subjects. She will meet you where you are and gently support you in

reaching your goals.


If you're looking for a safe space and gentle and wise support, Anna is your coach and mentor. "


Anna is een geweldig en prachtig persoon. Zij begreep mij en heeft mij geholpen om mijn pad te vinden. Ook heeft zij mij laten zijn en laten zien wie ik ben en heb leren luisteren naar mijn intuïtie.


Anna is an awesome and beautiful person. She understood me and helped me find my path. She also showed me who I am and allowed me to be who I am. And through the sessions with her I've learned to listen to my intuition.

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