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How may I serve?

I've created 3 different offerings for you with 3 different commitment levels: a one time commitment, 1 month commitment and a 3 month commitment. 

The purpose of the Deep Listening Session is mainly for you to be fully heard and to release everything you have been carrying in your heart. But of course we will always honor the magic of the present moment, so if during the session, a question comes up, a need for coaching or mentorship comes up, you can always follow that impuls and we'll adjust. 

The Life Coaching Package is a 1 month commitment to 4 sessions conducted weekly, on any subject you want to explore. How we'll work depends completely on your needs.

The inner journey mentoring is for someone who wants to take a deep dive in themselves for a longer period. And who wants to talk and work with someone who has intensively travelled their own inner journey. The commitment is 12 weekly sessions for a period of 3 months. 

My knowledge and skills are wide. I'm an expert on HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Law of Attraction, Emotions and Conscious Living. 

I hold 3 coaching certificates in the field of Law of Attraction, HSP and Life Coaching.

As a mentor I have 20+ years experience in diving in my inner world. So I have detailed knowledge in the themes and tools that are common in the inner journey. 

I will always work in co-creation with you. 


Deep Listening

A space to be heard truly, deeply and safely.

I will listen, understand and help you connect with your inner wisdom and inner guidance.


Life Coaching


4 weekly coaching sessions to work on any issue you are struggling with. 


Inner Journey


A 3 month journey consisting of 12 weekly sessions to take a deeper look at your life and gain deeper understanding, healing, tools and the chance to practice the tools. As your mentor I will also share my experiences when needed.

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